Frequently Asked Questions




How often does my car need to be cleaned, inside and out?


Weekly; full service car washes go beyond simply cleaning your car’s exterior. It is an in-depth process that completely rejuvenates the paint, carpets, and seat surfaces of your car.


How much time will a full service car wash take?


Our trained employees take approximately 15 minutes for a full service car wash.


How long does detailing take?


Each vehicle is different, both in size, type of detail, and the extent of attention it needs. Our general rule of thumb is about 1 ½ hours to 4 hours.


Does Parkway Car Wash really want to hear me complain or compliment?


Yes! Without your complaints, we can’t improve! We reply to every comment and take them very seriously. The compliments are shared with staff. Your address and phone numbers are kept confidential.


What is the largest tire size your washes can handle?


Any length of vehicle.


What is the tallest vehicle height your washes can handle?


6 feet, 2 inches.


What do I get by joining the email list, and will my email address be shared?


We will send you a link to a coupon monthly. Offers range from discounts off packages, detail, and occasionally washes. We will never give your email to any other organization.


Can I upgrade my Full-Service bonus card to Hot Wax, Works, or Deluxe car wash?


Yes, you would just need to pay the difference between the two.


Can I use my bonus card to wash my other vehicle once in a while?


Yes! The bonus card is valid on all your vehicles.